Company:Shanghai JR Kyushu Food Service Inc.
Head Office Address:2C04, Apollo Building, 1440 Yan An Road (Middle), Shanghai

Jing’an No.8, 8 Chang Shu Road, Jing’an District

411, Zhongchuang Building, 819 Nan JingChang Road (West), Jing’an District

Skill:Japanese speaking ability.(provide accommodation, food, insurance)

Contact us. Phone 021-6103-1788

We are seeking all chances to develop new “Umaya” restaurants and “Umaya-no-men-men-men” restaurants. Please call us if you are interested in our business.
For your information, “Umaya” is a luxurious and genuine Japanese restaurant with all menus. On the other hand, “Umaya-no-men-men-men” features noodle menus like “Champon noodle” and other selected popular select menus at “Umaya”.