Akasaka-Umaya Shanghai Jing’an

In Akasaka Tokyo, where a number of excellent restaurants compete each other, a Japanese restaurant “Akasaka-Umaya” has been highly renowned for its real Japanese cuisine for a long time. Gourmets are just fascinated. We promise we serve the real Japanese cuisine and hospitality of Akasaka standard in Shanghai.

————— Akasaka-Umaya Shanghai Jing’an

Akasaka-Umaya Shanghai, Jing’an 

— Born and raised in Kumamoto, Kyushu, he is a genuine, real Kyushu man. As the first chef, he has led many Umaya restaurants in Japan, and made all of them quite popular and famous.


The first chef of “Umaya Fukuoka”

The first chef of “Umaya Nagasaki”

The first chef of “Akasaka-Umaya, Tokyo”

The general chef of five Umaya restaurants in Tokyo

The Kanji (Chinese character) used to represent “Umaya” means “station”

Long ago, travelers who walked along old highway were warmly treated by “Umaya”.
Now, we welcome customers with excellent Japanese cuisine and sophisticated Japanese atmosphere just like the way “Umaya” did in the past.

Excellent cuisines are made from fresh and high-quality ingredients managed strictly by Japanese standard, so customers can enjoy our warm-hearted Japanese hospitality.
Our lunch menus will satisfy you with their large portion. You will know our rice is so different as soon as you serve it in your mouth. We cook rice with specially treated water and careful heat control.
At night, please enjoy charcoal grilled menus, dynamic Kyushu cuisines and excellent selections of Sake of our Japanese chef’s choice.
We promise you will experience wonderful time at “Umaya”.